The CW Alcock CupEvery international football competition needs a trophy, and the Unofficial Football World Championships is no different. The CW Alcock Cup is named after the football pioneer and the instigator of international football (and therefore inadvertent founder of the UFWC).

Charles William Alcock was a footballer and referee, and secretary of the English Football Association. In 1872, in his role as FA secretary, he arranged to send an England team to Scotland to play the first ever international match. As an England footballer he missed out on playing in the match through injury, although he did turn up to act as umpire. He later played and scored in another UFWC match against Scotland in March 1875.

The trophy is sent to every football federation that wins the UFWC title – or at least an image of it is. Like the UFWC itself, the CW Alcock Cup is virtual, existing happily within the confines of the world wide web. 

We’d be delighted to introduce a real version of the trophy and presentation medals that could be collected by winning nations. Would your company be interested in sponsoring such a trophy? If so, please get in touch.

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