As is always the case, nothing is ever set in stone, and this is certainly the case when it comes to pre-World Cup warm-ups. This flood of matches means that the UFWC title will be contested several times within a short space of time, with even more matches having been confirmed.

The addition of fixtures against Portugal, Serbia and Latvia has changed things dramatically. As it stands now, here is the current list of possible UFWC matches en-route to the World Cup:

(*=WC qualifier, bold=victory means UFWC will go to WC)

26/05/10 Netherlands* vs Mexico*
30/05/10 Portugal* vs Mexico*
01/06/10 Netherlands* vs Ghana*
01/06/10 Portugal* vs Cameroon*
03/06/10 Italy* vs Mexico*
05/06/10 Ghana* vs Latvia
05/06/10 Netherlands* vs Hungary
05/06/10 Serbia* vs Cameroon*
05/06/10 Switzerland* vs Italy*
08/06/10 Portugal* vs Mozambique

As you can see the route is more complicated than ever, so let’s try to simplify it a bit. There are only three ways in which the UFWC title wil not be brought to the World Cup. Those are: if the Netherlands defend the title against Mexico and Ghana, but lose it to Hungary; if the Netherlands retain the title against Mexico but lose the title to Ghana, who subsequently lose against Latvia; or finally (and most confusingly) if the Netherlands lose it to Mexico, who then lose it to Portugal, who retains it against Cameroon, but finally loses it to Mozambique.

Aside from those scenarios, the UFWC title will be brought to the World Cup. That is, of course, assuming no more fixtures are confirmed, so we will of course keep you up-to-date of any more changes in the schedule.