Yet again, the possible route of the UFWC title to the World Cup has been changed without a ball being kicked. Following on from my previous update, the scheduled match between Portugal and Mexico on May 30th has been called off, which means that all of Portugal’s games, as well as the match between Serbia and Cameroon on June 5th, are no longer part of the UFWC’s journey to South Africa. In place of the Potrugal/Mexico match, Mexico will now face Gambia on the same date.

As a result, the current route to South Africa is as follows:

(*=WC qualifier, bold=victory means UFWC will go to WC)

26/05/10 Netherlands* vs Mexico*
30/05/10 Mexico* vs Gambia
01/06/10 Netherlands* vs Ghana*
03/06/10 Italy* vs Mexico*
05/06/10 Ghana* vs Latvia
05/06/10 Netherlands* vs Hungary
05/06/10 Switzerland* vs Italy*

This means that only Latvia, Hungary or Gambia can deny the UFWC from reaching the World Cup for the third consecutive competition, and that there is a very good chance of a title unification at the end of the competition.

As ever, we will update you with any changes in the schedule.

Updated to May 16th

3 thoughts on “UFWC Road To South Africa: Update 3.1

  1. dM7

    I am a bit confused about “there is a very good chance of a title unification at the end of the competition.”

    What if, say, Hungary is UFWC-titleholder when the official WC final starts? I presume the title will go to the official World Champion after the final?

  2. David Holden Post author

    I mean that if the UFWC title is brought to the World Cup, and the holders advance to the knockout stages of the competition, it means that it’s guaranted that the official and unofficial championships will be held by the same team at the same time.

    If Hungary were to win the title from The Netherlands on June 5th they would be the UFWC champions and the UFWC title would not go to the World Cup at all. The World Cup winners wouldn’t become champions after the tournament; the next title match would be the next match Hungary would take part in.

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