NETHERLANDS vs HUNGARY, Amsterdam, 05/06/10

As the Netherlands prepare for this ‘friendly’ match in preparation for the World Cup, there is more at stake as this match is the match to decide whether the UFWC title will be taken to the World Cup, or whether it will miss out for the third World Cup in a row.

The Netherlands have been worthy UFWC champions, having defended the title 14 times in this reign. A victory against Hungary will not only bring the title to the World Cup, but will make this the joint second-best run in UFWC history, equaling Germany’s string of 15 defences from 1996 to 1998. As well as trying to break a UFWC record, the Netherlands are trying to bring the UFWC title to the World Cup for the first time since 1998 when Argentina brought it to the World Cup and France became undisputed world champions, winning both the World Cup and UFWC trophies in the final.

Even though Hungary haven’t qualified for the World Cup, their record in the UFWC is not one to be looked down upon. They have been UFWC champions seven times, including twice within the past three years. Despite this however, they have not had a successful period, having only won one of their last eight matches, which is reflected in them being 9/1 to claim the title; the Netherlands are 1/50 to retain. Everything suggests that this will be an easy defence, but we all know that football is never that easy, and anything can happen on any given day.

So, will the UFWC title finally make its way back to the World Cup, or will the Netherlands’ quest fail at the final hurdle? Find out at 1pm this Saturday.

7 thoughts on “Netherlands vs Hungary: The Final Hurdle

  1. Andy Slater

    Either way it’s a big story for UFWC – a World Cup unification or Hungary (with so much UFWC history) snatching a shock result and stealing the trophy from the biggest footballing competition on the planet.

  2. Jock Urquhart

    I’m so glad I discovered this today (Fri 4th)… I wouldn’t have even known that this match mattered, but now I’ll be hooked, and REALLY hope that the Dutch can hang on to the UFWC title in order it makes it to South Africa. Go Holland!

  3. Andy Slater

    Netherlands dominate the second half to win 6-1. THe UFWC is going to South Africa!

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