NETHERLANDS vs SPAIN, Johannesburg, 11/07/10

It’s finally here. The biggest match in world football is only days away, and there is no reason to suggest that it won’t be a classic.

Both sides will be hoping to field their strongest teams, and thanks to FIFA’s decision to wipe the slate clean of yellow cards after the quarter-finals, that is very much a possibility as neither side have anybody suspended from the final. The only concern that the Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk will have is that hopefully nobody will pick up an injury in the meantime.

Spain’s coach Vincente del Bosque, unfortunately, not only has thart extra hurdle to clear but also has the added dilemma of whether to play Fernando Torres or not. The world-class striker has failed to impress at the World Cup so far, and despite a vote of confidence from del Bosque earlier this week, he was left out of the starting squad in their semi-final against Germany, where he only had a 12-minute uneventful cameo appearance. The big question is, will the coach let him start in the faith that he will perform, or will he decide not to take the risk and give another start to Pedro instead?

Possible starting line-ups:

Netherlands: Stekelenburg, Van Der Wiel, Heitinga, Mathijsen, Van Bronckhorst (c), Kuyt, Van Bommel, De Jong, Robben, Sneijder, Van Persie

Spain: Casillas (c), Ramos, Pique, Puyol, Capdevilla, Iniesta, Busquets, Xavi, Alonso, Torres, Villa

And in preparation for this massive match, we will also have an article detailing the history of the UFWC at the World Cup and where this match will fit into that legacy, so stay tuned as we build up to this match to decide who are the undisputed champions of the world.

6 thoughts on “Netherlands vs Spain: World Cup Final

  1. Mark de Vries

    Shame we’re denied a final against Germany. As if the World Cup and the UFWC title aren’t enough, finally laying 1974 to rest would potentially have been the icing on the cake.

    Am I right in assuming no country that brought the UFWC title INTO the World Cup finals (as in the entire tournament) has ever managed to hang on to it until the end of it?

  2. David Kamps

    You would be right, only Czechoslovakia ever succeeded of going into a mayor tournament and coming out the winner. But that was in the 1976 European cup finals.

    see: for more information.

    In 1974 Holland also brought the title into the finals. West-Germany was the holder at the end of the competition. Of course that was another WC final where the title was contested. Hopefully this time the Dutch will be able to hold on to the title. They certainly held for a long time, and it would be nice to go past Argentina on the all-time holders list.

  3. James

    If Spain win this final they will hold the UFWC, the World Cup and the European Championship. Has this ever been done before?

  4. Bar

    Hup Holland!

    @James: Germany in '74 and I think France in 2000?

  5. David Kamps


    Yes, France won the WC cup in 1998 and the European title in 2000, both times they went into the cup without the title but held it at the end. From as far as I can see they are the only one’s to ever do that.

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