LIECHTENSTEIN vs SPAIN, Vaduz, 03/09/10

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With just hours to go before the next UFWC title match, the question seems to be not, ‘Will Spain will beat Liechtenstein?’, but, ‘How many goals will Spain beat Liechtenstein by?’. On paper it looks like one of the biggest mismatches the UFWC has ever thrown up. (You can read about previous mismatches here.) It may be time to get the abacus out to keep score…

So could tonight’s match end up being the biggest win (or defeat, depending on your perspective) in UFWC history? Spain’s strikers will need to have their very sharpest shooting boots on to achieve that. The biggest winning goal margin that’s ever been managed in UFWC title matches is 11. England beat Ireland 13-2 in 1899, and Scotland beat the Irish 11-0 two years later.

There have also been two 9-0 wins – Scotland beat Wales by that score in 1878, and England beat Ireland with the same scoreline in 1895.

In more recent years, an eight goal margin is the biggest that’s been managed – that was in 1990, when the Netherlands whupped Malta. Russia beat San Marino 7-0 in 1995. And Liechtenstein themselves were involved in a UFWC goal rout in 2000 when they were beaten 8-2 by Germany.

Just four months ago, in the run-up to the World Cup, the Netherlands beat Hungary 6-1. Can Spain match that kind of scoreline tonight?

Outside of the UFWC, Spain’s biggest ever win was 13-0, against Bulgaria in 1933. Liechtenstein’s biggest loss was 11-1 to Macedonia in 1996.

Will Spain set a new UFWC record tonight? Or can Liechtenstein keep the score down – or even pull off the biggest shock results in the history of the UFWC?

Rather than polling on the result of the game, we’re asking how many goals you think Spain will score tonight. make your predictions and post your comments below.

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