The Japanese FA have today confirmed that their scheduled match against Montenegro has been called off, in the wake of the earthquake and resulting tsunami which hit the country earlier this week.

The JFA were initially hopeful that matches against Montenegro and New Zealand would go ahead as planned, but later backtracked on that statement, saying that no hasty decisions would be made, and that consideration must be taken for fans travelling to and from the matches.

However despite this match being called off, there is still hope that the match against New Zealand will go ahead. Originally scheduled to take place in Tokyo, the JFA are planning to move the match to Osaka, which has been unaffected by the tsunami.

There are also plans to turn the match into a charity event in support of those affected by the disaster. There certainly wouldn’t be a more appropriate nation to hold this against, as New Zealand’s city of Christchurch was struck by a severe earthquake less than a month ago.

You can find information on how to help those in need in Japan and elsewhere from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

2 thoughts on “Japan-Montenegro Game Cancelled

  1. kushimaf

    The All Whites will visit Wuhan, China, but hesitate to go over to Japan.

    “There’s a huge desire to show solidarity with the Japanese people but we need to be able to guarantee the safety of our players and staff, as would any responsible organisation. We are currently working with the Japanese FA and the appropriate government authorities to confirm whether those guarantees can be provided,” said NZF Chairman Frank van Hattum.

    Tell me if somebody can predict that no more quake is coming to Osaka (after 16 years interval), Christchurch (1 month)or Wuhan (2 years).

  2. Quk

    New Zealand just decided to give up a friendly match with Japan, so Japanese NT’s schedule is absent until June.

    I heard Montenegro’s squad line up consisted of the best members so I’m really sorry that we had to cancel the match, but perhaps now we have to take care more about other things.

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