In the wake of the cancellation of Japan’s match against Montenegro, their match against New Zealand on March 29th has also been called off.

This time the decision has come from New Zealand’s FA, citing the ongoing nuclear situation, and the safety of their players, as the main reason for withdrawing from the match.

Frank van Hattum, chairman of New Zealand Football, said: “This has been a tough decision to make but with the match just two weeks away and media reports reflecting such great uncertainty surrounding the nuclear situation in Japan we believe it is prudent to err on the side of caution and withdraw our teams”.

Japan’s next scheduled match is in the Copa América as invitees to the tournament, though how much the postponement of the J-League in Japan will affect this has yet to be seen.

You can find information on how to help those in need in Japan and elsewhere from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

2 thoughts on “Japan-New Zealand Game Cancelled

  1. Quk

    Nope, Japan plans to do two matches in June before Copa Amercia. I know they are likely to be eventually canceled, too, if the current situation isn’t solved, but I do think it’s more likely that Japan will cancel all the Copa America due to the delayed several games of J-league.

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