The CW Alcock CupWant to write for the UFWC website? We’re looking for talented and enthusiastic people who’d like to contribute to the site. Whether you’re a football writer, a blogger, or simply a keen fan, if you can write interesting and entertaining content we’d love to hear from you.

The content must be relevant to the Unofficial Football World Championships, of course, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be about the current champions or upcoming games. UFWC lineage goes back to 1872, and we love trawling the archives to find great stories.

Have you attended a UFWC title match, or do you support the current champions or upcoming challengers? Perhaps you’d like to write a Classic Title Match report, or nominate a player for the UFWC Hall of Fame? You can write about any UFWC match, team or player from the last 140 or so years. So have a look around the site, see what we’re about, and send us your ideas.

Write about the greatest goalscorers or goalkeepers, or even the best managers or coaches the UFWC has seen. Write about the UFWC or one of the UFWC spin-offs – the Wooden Spoon, the Women’s UFWC, and the various other ongoing competitions.

You don’t even have to write about the UFWC, as long as what you write is still relevant. Essentially, we’ll consider anything interesting about the alternative side of football that the UFWC celebrates.

We’re happy to link to our writers’ blogs, Twitter accounts or any other place you’d like. With up to 50,000 unique visitors a week, this is a great place to get your stuff read and get your name out there.

If you’re interested in writing for the UFWC, please drop us an .

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