Following yesterday’s first part, Peter Waring continues his round-up of UFWC spin-off competitions, today covering women’s national teams:

Women’s world championship. The United States were on a long run as champions before a sensational defeat to Mexico in November 2010. Canada then took up the reins, before the United States reclaimed the title in January. In April, though, the Americans were shocked again, this time by England. On 23rd May, Australia beat England 2-0 in a World Cup warm-up which, bizarrely, has not been mentioned in the English press, or indeed the English FA’s own website, despite it clearly being recognised by both Australia and FIFA. It was therefore Australia (WUFWC champions for the very first time) who took the title into the Women’s World Cup, only to lose their opening match to Brazil. The Brazilians swept aside Norway and Equatorial Guinea, but then lost on penalties after a thrilling match against the USA, who regained the title. The USA play France in the WWC semi finals on 13 July.

Women’s world wooden sp00n. Long-time holders Macedonia beat Luxembourg 5-1 in March 2011 to rid themselves of the sp00n. Luxembourg have suffered heavy defeats in all three matches since, including the first ever women’s world wooden sp00n match to feature a non-European team (Luxembourg lost 8-0 to Equatorial Guinea on 18th June). No further fixture is yet scheduled.

Women’s European championship. Germany have been holders ever since winning Euro 2009, and successfully defended their title in the World Cup, in their home country. They won all three group games, before being eliminated by Japan in the quarter finals, but of course that match was not a European game, so Germany retain their title.

Women’s European wooden sp00n. After Equatorial Guinea’s easy win over Luxembourg, the European wooden sp00n is still running in parallel with the world sp00n.

Women’s South American championship. In November 2010, Ecuador beat Argentina to take the title. They have not played since, nor are they due to do so any time soon. It was only the second time the title has ever changed hands (Argentina themselves beat original holders Brazil in November 2006).

Women’s South American wooden sp00n. Peru have held the sp00n since 2006. Four defeats in four World Cup qualifiers last November ensure they still do.

Women’s African championship. Equatorial Guinea, the 2008 African champions, fell at the last hurdle of their 2010 defence, losing to Nigeria in the final. Nigeria then lost to Ghana in a May friendly. The Black Queens have no current plans for a title defence.

Women’s African wooden sp00n. Guinea-Bissau took the sp00n in 2006, and have not played since.

Women’s Asian championship. Australia, South Korea, North Korea and Japan (in that order) have held the title in the last 12 months. Japan now hold both men’s and women’s Asian titles, as well as the men’s world title. Like their male counterparts, the Japanese women’s next defence is against South Korea, on 3rd September.

Women’s Asian wooden sp00n. Guam have held the sp00n since 2001, but haven’t played since 2009.

Women’s Concacaf championship. The United States’ run over 50 consecutive successful defences was an all-time world record, beating China’s 48 consecutive successful defences of their Asian women’s title from 1989 to 2001. However, they lost to Mexico last November. The title then went to Canada, and then back to the USA. Also the unofficial world champions, the USA have been unbeaten at the WWC, including a 3-0 win over Colombia, and can’t face another Concacaf team in that tournament. Another lengthy spell could be getting underway…

Women’s Concacaf wooden sp00n. Turks and Caicos took the sp00n in 2006; their last match was in March 2010.

Women’s Oceanian championship. The only teams ever to hold this title have been Australia and New Zealand. Since Australia’s defection to Asia in 2006, New Zealand have had it all their own way, winning five matches in the last year, in which they scored 50 goals and conceded none. They didn’t win a game at the WWC, but didn’t play any Oceanian opposition.

Women’s Oceanian wooden sp00n. American Samoa took the sp00n in 1998, but have not played since 2007.

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