DPRK UFWC T-ShirtToday we’re launching a new selection of UFWC T-shirts to go alongside our popular existing designs. Among the new selection is a striking ‘DPRK UFWC’ shirt for anyone who would like to show their support for North Korea… or more likely just celebrate the unusual nature of the Unofficial Football World Championships! There are also new England, Scotland, Wales and Japan shirts, new women’s and kids’ shirts, and updated classic UFWC Ts. You can check them all out at the UFWC T-Shirt Store.

These official UFWC T-shirts are a great way to show that you follow the Unofficial Football World Championships, surely football’s best-kept secret. We’ve got T-shirts featuring the CW Alcock Trophy and Hughie the Mascot, plus special designs for current and former champions including Scotland, England, Wales, Japan, the Netherlands and Argentina. Oh, and North Korea, obviously. If you’d like us to add shirts for other nations please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Or you can create your own official UFWC T-shirt using our designs and your favourite colours or the colours of your team. Just click on your chosen design, and then select the colour you’d like. You can choose from 18 different colours, and there are also white T-shirts available, if that’s what you’d prefer. All shirts are 100% cotton, and they come in six sizes – small, medium, large, XL, XXL, and XXXL (for the ‘Jacamo’ gentleman). They start at only GBP11.99, which is pretty good value, even if we do say so ourselves.

The T-shirts are swiftly printed to order by our friends at Spreadshirt, and are shipped within a day or two. They’ll ship them around the world, too. So you could be wearing your new UFWC T-shirt within days. Just remember to let your friends know where you got it from. For more details and to choose your T-shirt visit the UFWC T-Shirt Store.


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One thought on “New UFWC T-shirts – show your support for DPR Korea!

  1. Prayer for Japan

    Who will buy DPRK T-shirts?
    Most people living in North Korea do NOT have access to internet.
    Wishing the new young leader to change the country…

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