It’s UFWC Goals Week, a five-day feast of football footage, and we’re continuing our run-down of the top 50 UFWC goals with Part 2, covering 1980 to 1997:

1980 Brazil vs Chile
Toninho Cerezo

A thunderbolt from very long range. (0.15)

1980 Brazil vs Paraguay

Standing on the edge of the area, Zico had at least nine bodies between him and the goal, but chipped the ball over all of them and in.(3.08)

1983 Scotland vs Switzerland
Charlie Nicholas

A well-controlled left-foot chip. (1.34)

1984 France vs Yugoslavia
Milos Sestic

Following a neat one-two, Sestic’s shot began well off-course but the prodigious bend on the ball saw it inside the post. (0.04)

1986 Argentina vs Belgium
Diego Maradona

Having scored a famously sensational goal against England in the World Cup quarter-final (which wasn’t a UFWC match), Maradona was at it again in the semi-final, beating four Belgians with outrageous close control before keeping his balance to calmly stroke the ball past the keeper. (6.58)

1987 Italy vs Sweden
Gianluca Vialli

The first of Vialli’s hat-trick of UFWC stunners, he broke at pace before lashing a rising shot with his left foot in at the keeper’s near post. (0.08)

1987 Italy vs Sweden
Gianluca Vialli

After Vialli’s memorable opener, Sweden equalised, but Vialli struck again to score the winner, this time a superb volley with his right foot. (1.32)

1988 Italy vs USSR
Gianluca Vialli

An almost exact mirror image of his brilliant first against Sweden in 1987; Vialli broke down the right and lashed the ball in right-footed at the near post. (2.01)

1989 Romania vs Italy
Ioan Sabau

Showing great persistence to shake off the attentions of four Italians, Sabau got a bit lucky with a ricochet but kept his head to slot home the goal that handed Romania their first ever unofficial world title. (0.20)

1989 Poland vs Romania
Ryszard Tarasiewicz

A brilliant long-range showstopper from a man who made a habit of them. (2.41)

1989 Norway vs Poland
Dariusz Wdowczyk

Picking the ball up from a free kick, Wdowczyk swerved the ball past the keeper with the outside of his foot from 30 yards out. (1.43)

1989 Sweden vs Poland
Ryszard Tarasiewicz

A 35-yard free kick that couldn’t have been placed much better if he’d picked the ball up and put it there. (0.56)

1993 Argentina vs Colombia
Diego Simeone

Simeone was not a player universally well-known for his sportsmanship, which makes this goal all the more fantastic. Chasing a ball down the inside-right, but angling away from goal, Simeone is cynically fouled by the Colombian goalkeeper. Rather than settle for what was a clear penalty though, he jumps to his feet and slides the loose ball into the net from an immensely tight angle. (0.07)

1993 Colombia vs Argentina
Faustino Asprilla

Colombia’s 5-0 win in this World Cup qualifier in Buenos Aires was an era-defining result. Asprilla’s goal, a cute chip after dispossessing a defender, was the best of the bunch. (2.42)

1994 Romania vs Colombia
Gheorghe Hagi

After qualifying for the World Cup in such extraordinary style, Colombia arrived in the USA as one of the favourites for the title. However, their campaign began disastrously, and ended tragically. This goal, floated over the keeper and in by Hagi from right out on the touchline, was symptomatic of how everything conspired against the Colombians from the start. (2.21)

1996 Qatar vs Russia
Abdulaziz Hassan Bujaloof

Perhaps the least significant goal on the list – this was the dying minutes of a meaningless friendly, and Qatar were 5-1 down at the time – but Bujaloof deserves his place amongst the list for the awesome power he gets behind this long-range effort. (4.42)

1996 Russia vs Czech Republic
Vladimir Beschastnykh

The perfect long-range shot, bending away to leave the keeper no option but to stand and watch. (0.47)

1996 Czech Republic vs Portugal
Karel Poborsky

A famous effort by Poborsky, who scooped the ball a mile into the air and into the net, thereby earning his nation a place in the last four of Euro 96, and indirectly earning himself a contract with Manchester United. (0.27)

Our Top 50 concludes tomorrow with the best goals from 1998-2014, as UFWC Goals Week continues.

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