New Zealand 0-0 Peru
11 November 2017
Westpac Stadium, Wellington
World Cup Qualifier, OFC–CONMEBOL play-off first leg

First-time UFWC challengers New Zealand held Unofficial Football World Champions Peru to a goalless draw in this first leg of the OFC–CONMEBOL World Cup qualification play-off. In a game of few chances, Peru had the majority of the possession, but couldn’t get an away goal. The second leg will be played in Lima on Wednesday, 15 November, with all to play for – WC qualification and the UFWC title.

Peru and New Zealand have never played each other. Peru are currently ranked 10th in the world by FIFA, while New Zealand are 122nd. Peru are 22nd in the UFWC rankings, while New Zealand obviously don’t have a UFWC rank, having never played a UFWC match.

Ricardo Gareca’s Peru went into the play-offs without suspended captain and record goalscorer Paolo Guerrero. And Anthony Hudson’s New Zealand were also dealt a blow, with Burnley striker Chris Wood struggling with a hamstring strain, and only able to appear off the bench for the last 15 minutes. Jefferson Farfán replaced Guerrero for Peru, and Kosta Barbarouses played upfront for New Zealand.

Peru dominated the game in terms of possession without being able to break down a New Zealand defence marshalled by their captain, West Ham defender Winston Reid. All Whites keeper Stefan Marinovic recovered well after a goal-line mix-up in the first half, and made an excellent save, pushing Aldo Corzo’s header over the bar, in the second.

New Zealand’s best chances came after the introduction of Wood, who forced a save out of Pedro Gallese with his first touch. Then, with just five minutes left to play, Ryan Thomas fired in a shot from the edge of the area that went just wide of the post.

For UFWC purposes the two legs of this play-off are treated as two entirely separate matches. Peru retain the title because the first match ended in a draw. And they will continue to retain the title if the second match ends in a draw. Extra time and/or penalties won’t affect the UFWC, as they will be used to decide the overall outcome of the two-legged play-off, and won’t affect the result of the individual match.

The next match is in Lima on Wednesday, 15 November. Kick off is at 21:15 (02:15 on Thursday morning in the UK). It will be streamed live and free in the UK by [link expired]. Get more info [link expired].

We’ll have coverage of Peru v New Zealand right here. In the meantime, if you’re new to the Unofficial Football World Championships you can find out all about the UFWC here. And you can keep up to date with all things UFWC by following us on Twitter or Facebook.

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9 thoughts on “New Zealand and Peru draw in first match of UFWC / WC clash

  1. Declan O'Dwyer

    As a fan of the ufwc since late 2014 I’ve never known a non south American title holder- I almost saw it as a south American tournament! Now I the ufwc has a huge chance of being in a different continent and I’m looking forward to the variety and also having a title match that isn’t at 3 am in my country! If new Zealand win then it will be contested in Oceania and if Peru win then the title will be contested at the world cup- if it’s a draw and new Zealand win in extra time then it could mean another 4 years in south America

    1. Jartbaran

      Well, Mexico won it in 2016 and is from CONCACAF.
      But I understand, all this globalist process has been in South America.

      1. Declan O'Dwyer

        Oh yeah I forgot about that although that was at the Copa America and they soon lost it

  2. Jartbaran

    Why did the rules change? If in the world-wide the extra time or the penal ones if they counted. Costa Rica lost in penalties against Holland and, therefore, the UFWC. In the next round Holland lost in penalties and Argentina lost in extra time. Also from the beginning it had been said that in the UFWC the extra time and penalties do count.

    1. Declan O'Dwyer

      The reason given is that the Costa Rica match had a shoutout to decide the outcome of the match which was a title match while a penalty shootout or extra time here would be for the two legged tie which doesn’t affect the ufwc

  3. teo13

    Only way for New Zealand to grab the title is to win in 90 minutes in second leg?

  4. January First-of-May

    Actually, had the UFWC title ever been contested in a two-legged tie before? (…Several times, apparently; most recently, as far as I can tell, in 2013.)
    OK, had the UFWC title ever been contested in a two-legged tie where the first leg ended in a draw before? Because I personally cannot find a single such case.

    …What I’m saying is that we should honor the result of the match, including any extra time and penalties. If New Zealand wins on away goals, then so be it and we keep Peru – and of course if Peru wins in any way then they keep the title – but otherwise we might as well be robbing New Zealand of a deserved win.
    And – which is what I was talking about in the previous section – it doesn’t look like any decision on this subject would change any previous results in any way.

  5. Paul Brown Post author

    Hi folks, just to confirm the rules have never changed:

    “Extra time and penalty shoot-outs used to decide the outcome of individual matches do count. For two-legged ties, individual match results count, not aggregate results. Extra time and penalty shoot-outs used to decide the result of two-legged ties do not count.”

    As always, for this Peru v New Zealand match the UFWC will recognise the result of the individual match. If extra time and/or penalties are played, these will be to decide the outcome of the two-legged tie, not the individual match.

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