Four years ago, Peter Waring compiled a video run-down of the top 50 UFWC goals from 1948 to 2014. Now he presents for your viewing pleasure a net-busting update, compiling the top ten goals scored in the UFWC between 2014 and 2018, in chronological order, plus a couple of bonus goalkeeping howlers. Which is your favourite? And you can check out the original three-part top 50 goals compilation here:

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UFWC Top 10 Goals 2014-2018:

Roberto Firmino (Brazil) v Austria, 18/11/2014

An 83rd-minute winner swerved into the top corner with pace from 25 yards out: (at 2.30)

Philippe Coutinho (Brazil) v Mexico, 07/06/2015

Coutinho beats his man, reaches the byline, shapes to pull the ball back, but instead flashes the ball into the net from an impossible angle: (1.15)

Gonzalo Higuain (Argentina) v Paraguay, 30/06/2015

Some intricate passing involving Lionel Messi looks like it breaks down as Messi slips, but he still manages to prod the ball through to Higuain, who hooks it into the top corner with tremendous pace: (6.58)

Jesus Corona (Mexico) v Venezuela, 14/06/2016

Combining superb footwork and power to waltz through the Venezuelan defence, Corona keeps his head to finish it off as well to salvage a late equaliser:

Yerry Mina (Colombia) v Uruguay, 11/10/2016

A brilliant leap and a looping header to match from 15 yards out – one of the best headed goals you’ll see: (2.20)

Franko Andrijasevic (Croatia) v Chile, 11/01/2017

A first time cross from the right, and Andrijasevic meets it with a perfect near-post volley: (0.26)

Edison Flores (Peru) v Bolivia, 01/09/2017

Some silky footwork out wide and, although the cross is cleared, it is retrieved by Flores who smashes the ball in off the bar from 20 yards: (5:20)

Gilbert Alvarez (Bolivia) v Peru, 01/09/2017

A lob that goes seemingly miles in the air before dropping into the net evading the covering defenders: (9.10)

Christian Eriksen (Denmark) v Australia, 21/06/2018

A neat lay-off by Jorgensen, and brilliant technique on the shot from Eriksen:

Denis Cheryshev (Russia) v Croatia, 07/07/2018

Cheryshev plays a one-two with Dzyuba, before bending a stunning shot around defender and keeper from distance:

And two goalkeeping howlers:

David Ospina (Colombia) v Peru, 11/10/2017

For some reason, Paolo Guerrero shoots directly at goal from an indirect free kick; if Ospina had watched it go into the net, it would of course been disallowed, but instead he attempts to save it, only to push it into the inside of the side netting for an own goal: (4.52)

Hugo Lloris (France) v Croatia, 15/07/2018

Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris enjoyed football’s ultimate glory in lifting the World Cup trophy, but not before embarrassing himself on the biggest stage of all with an extraordinary attempt to dribble around Mario Mandzukic – it was just as well his side were 4-1 up at the time:

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