Even though considered among the best teams in the world, not many expected France to win the World Cup in 2018 and become combined FIFA and UFWC champions. It was only once the other top teams like Argentina, Portugal, and Germany lost that the odds of France went up. Even then, many neutral fans were wanting Croatia to win, because let’s face it, everyone loves it when the underdog wins.

However, it was to be France all the way. The team played with style and continued their power play throughout the tournament to reach the finals. On 15 July 2018 in Moscow France lifted the World Cup for the second time by defeating Croatia 4-2 in an entertaining and dramatic game. But the team is no one-hit wonder, and they have continued to follow up their win with some spectacular matches over the past few months as they defended their Unofficial Football World Championships title.


For bettors, if the World Cup was not enough and they need an extra dose of excitement, many a games take place throughout the year where various football playing countries are involved. Bookmakers are always keen to offer bonuses and odds for such tournaments which can also be friendly matches at times. In an ongoing Nation League game, France defeated Germany 2-1 after being down one goal to prove, once again, their world champion status. Similar matches are an excellent opportunity for punters to utilise free betting offers from various online casinos and bookmakers to strengthen their profits margins significantly.

The last couple of months, after the World Cup, has seen France play Germany twice, the Netherlands, and Iceland. While they were able to defeat the Netherlands, their game against Iceland ended in a 2-2 draw. A stark reminder that upsets from underdogs are always possible at any time. What is more important to note, especially for bettors, is that France was two goals down before making a comeback and that shows their determination and confidence which often leads to victories.

The next few weeks will see France take on the Netherlands once again in the UEFA Nations League and while Holland will be eager to fight back after their previous loss, France is playing a very systematic gameplay that can be hard to break through. Punters should be looking at new bookmakers offers for 2018 to make the most of these upcoming games and make sure that they claim profitable bonuses such as Bet £10 Get £30 to increase their investments. Towards the end of the month, France will also play in a friendly game against Uruguay, and that should be quite the kicker as well.

Speaking about the odds that are presently in favour of France, they are listed at 5/2 to win the ongoing UEFA Nations League. Furthermore, they are at 1/10 to come on top of their group, and whereas the match against the Netherlands is concerned, the odds are 11/8 away and 83/41 home. By winning the Nations League the French team will undoubtedly be looking at adding another feather to their cap under the leadership of coach Deschamps, and its young players are indeed on a high right now. How long will this victory streak last, no one knows for sure? For now, France is definitely a safe bet no matter the team opposing it.