As the Men’s UFWC is still paused until March 2019, the Women’s UFWC (WUFWC) already kickstarted the new year 5 days ago and had the 2nd title match already yesterday! But wait – who is the current title holder? Who is the current challenger? What happened last year? Let’s have a look…

When 2018 started with its first WUFWC match on 20th January the odds seemed to be clear: title holders Netherlands faced challengers Spain in a international friendly. The Dutch ranked 13th in the WUFWC all-time table with 6 wins at the time, Spain having only played one title match ever, which was lost miserable with 0-5 versus Germany in 2012… but these are only numbers and Spain conquered the WUFWC title with a 2-0 win for the 1st time ever being the 21st team achieving this.

But this was only the start of an incredible amazing year for the Spanish Women’s National Team. Through the Cyprus Women’s Cup in February/March La Selección Española won versus Austria (2-0), drew versus Belgium (0-0), defeated the Czech Republic in the semi-finals (2-0) just to grab that first trophy of the year with another 2-0 win over Italy in the final. With that impressive series the Spanish already climbed the WUFWC all-time ranking to 15th position (superseding Italy) with 4 wins on their account.

So some might have thought that the Cyprus Cup is just a meaningless tournament (which it is not) and the big hurdles were just waiting for the Spanish Women’s National Team with the upcoming World Cup Qualifier campaign from April to September 2018. The 2 matches in April versus Finland (2-0) and Austria (1-0) revealed no weakness of the iberian squad (ranked 13th with 6 wins in the meantime at WUFWC all time leaderboard), which did not change in August and September where Israel (2-0), again Finland (5-1) and Serbia (3-0) simply had no chance to get the WUFWC title in their hands. The “side-effect” for Spain was winning their World Cup Qualifier Group 7 with straight 8 wins and 25:2 goals (!). Latest with having mentioned these figures everyone should agree that the WUFWC title was held by a team in best possible shape.

So 2018 ended with 2 more international friendlies, which Spain managed to carry the WUFWC title into the new year by winning versus Poland (3-1) and a goalless draw versus Germany (WUFWC All-time ranking 2nd position with 80 wins).

Summarizing all above described Spain’s 2018 balance sheet looks like that:

– 12 matches
– 10 wins
– 2 draws
– 24:2 goals


So what’s up in 2019 for the WUFWC? As the male Unofficial Champions are still having time to relax until March, the ladies already welcomed the new year with an initial WUFWC title match on 17th January 2019 with Belgium challenging the Spanish Champions, resulting in a 1-1 draw. But yesterday the Spanish winning streak came to an end versus WUFWC-All-Time Number 1 ranked USA – with a tight 1-0 the US girls grabbed the unofficial crown making it their 155th WUFWC win.

The next title match will take place during “She Believes Cup” on 28th February 2019: USA vs Japan.

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The current WUFWC All-Time Ranking looks as follows:
1) USA (155 wins)
2) Germany (80 wins)
3) Sweden (50 wins)
4) Norway (46 wins)
5) China (25 wins)
6) France (21 wins)
7) Denmark (18 wins)
8) England (15 wins)
9) North Korea (13 wins)
10) Brazil (13 wins)
11) Spain (10 wins)
12) Japan (9 wins)
13) Canada (9 wins)
14) Netherlands (6 wins)
15) Ukraine (5 wins)
16) Italy (3 wins)
17) Switzerland (2 wins)
18) Belgium (1 win)
19) Scotland (1 win)
20) Australia (1 win)
21) Mexico (1 win)