UFWC Match #958
Germany 8-0 Estonia
11th June 2019
Opel-Arena, Mainz

(10′) 1:0 M. Reus
(17′) 2:0 S. Gnabry
(20′) 3:0 L. Goretzka
(26′) 4:0 I. Gündogan (penalty)
(37′) 5:0 M. Reus
(62′) 6:0 S. Gnabry
(79′) 7:0 T. Werner
(88′) 8:0 L. Sané

It was the first appearance of Estonia in a UFWC match ever – and one of the worst possible endings happened to the baltic squad. 8 goals conceded, 0 goals scored …. what a start into UFWC history.

The story of the match is told very quickly: Germany (with assistant coach Markus Sorg again replacing head coach Joachim Löw during his absence due to an injury for the second time) starting to score early after 10 minutes already, making another 4 until half time, having a relaxed time in Mainz collecting a lot of goals to ensure that the goal difference will most likely never be the problem in the ongoing European Qualifiers campaign. Estonia showing very poor defending capabilities and only very few dangerous activities towards Manuel Neuer’s goal, never putting him under too much pressure. Still Estonia’s goalie Sergei Lepmets was the best estonian player on the pitch – with 8 goals against him this is a strong statement towards his teammates disappointing performance – as he terminated several good german shots.

In the end Germany had 8 goals on the scorecard – the highest ever UFWC win a german side achieved in its history and the 31st win in a total of 67 UFWC title matches so far.

But was that epic result the highest ever achieved in UFWC history? Not at all as there were some other high victories especially in the late 19th century when the title was contested on the british/irish islands only. Specifically Ireland (the results were later merged with Northern Ireland) had to suffer from some dramatic results, which are shown in the following table:

The next UFWC title match will take place 6th September 2019 in Hamburg when once more Germany will be challenged by the Netherlands.

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