UFWC Match #964
Netherlands 5-0 Estonia
19th November 2019
Johan Cruijff Arena, Amsterdam

(6′) 1:0 G. Wijnaldum
(19′) 2:0 N. Aké
(66′) 3:0 G. Wijnaldum
(79′) 4:0 G. Wijnaldum
(87′) 5:0 M. Boadu

Estonia was the 115th and latest team to ever play a UFWC title match (1st appearance 11th June 2019 in match #958) and versus Netherlands it was their 3rd chance for the title. The previous results of 0-8 and 0-4 were extremely disappointing, so somehow estonian supporters might have hoped for improvements …

It took the reigning Unofficial Champion only 5 minutes to score the 1-0 lead by Gini Wijnaldum and the pace was kept high from Oranje resulting in the 2nd goal by Aké in the 19th minute. Estonia seemed to be very impressed by the Elftal, having only one notable distance shot in the 1st half.

In the 66th minute even a small mistake from estonian defence made it easy for Wijnaldum to convert the shot into the 3-0 lead extension. Latest now the match was heading into a clear direction. But Wijnaldum was still hungry scoring a hat-trick after 79 minutes and another unnacessary risky pass from estonian defence offering another good chance and the final 5-0 score by Boadu!

With this result Estonia has an overall goal balance of 0-17 in the first 3 ever UFWC matches, resulting in the fact that they are the worst team in the last 25 years of UFWC history ….

Different situation for the Netherlands – with the final match of 2019 they will be heading into 2020 as reigning Unofficial Football World Champions!

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