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The Alcock Internationals – Unofficial Victorian Football

The UFWC tracks an alternative route through football history beginning with the first official international match, played between Scotland and England on 30 November 1872. However, there were also a series of unofficial international matches played between 1870 and 1872. In this exclusive extract from new book The Victorian Football Miscellany we look at those […]


Goal-Post: the first ever UFWC title match

A new book, Goal-Post: Victorian Football, contains a fascinating selection of first-hand accounts from the earliest days of football, and includes a report of the first ever UFWC title match. That match – the first ever international football match – was played between Scotland and England on 30 November 1872. Below is an edited extract […]


New UFWC T-shirts – show your support for DPR Korea!

Today we’re launching a new selection of UFWC T-shirts to go alongside our popular existing designs. Among the new selection is a striking ‘DPRK UFWC’ shirt for anyone who would like to show their support for North Korea… or more likely just celebrate the unusual nature of the Unofficial Football World Championships! There are also […]