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England’s Next Attempt at Unofficial Football Glory

Forget the summer’s achievements in Russia, forget 1966 and all that. England are closing in on their next chance at becoming the Unofficial World Champions with a Nations League semi-final against the Netherlands. It’s been over four years since one of these matches presented itself. This autumn, thanks to a remarkable performance in a Nations League group featuring Spain and Croatia, the England team once more qualified for a semi-final.


Vive la France: UFWC champions on a winning streak

Even though considered among the best teams in the world, not many expected France to win the World Cup in 2018 and become combined FIFA and UFWC champions. It was only once the other top teams like Argentina, Portugal, and Germany lost that the odds of France went up. Even then, many neutral fans were wanting Croatia to win, because let’s face it, everyone loves it when the underdog wins. However, it was to be France all the way.


UFWC champions hope to face top contenders at the World Cup

Unofficial football world champions Peru face Scotland later this month hoping to retain the UFWC title ahead of the FIFA World Cup, which starts in Russia on June 14. Peru play Scotland in a friendly at the Estadio Nacional de Lima at 8pm local time on Tuesday May 29 (2am on Wednesday May 30 in the UK). They then play Saudi Arabia on June 3 and Sweden on June 9, ahead of their first World Cup game against Denmark on June 16. But can the Peruvians retain the UFWC title all the way to the World Cup? And if so, who will be the top contenders for the World Cup, and for the Unofficial Football World Championships?