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Boost UFWC and World Cup interest with niche bets

One of the best things about the UFWC is that it adds an extra layer of interest to the international fixture list. It neatly fill the four-year void between the official World Cups, and there is plenty of enjoyment to be had in watching an apparently meaningless friendly match with the knowledge that the victor will become the latest Unofficial Football World Champion. If you’re into your football betting, then you may find that the UFWC adds extra interest here, too.


Have UFWC champions Peru created a World Cup without Messi?

Argentina’s draw against Unofficial Football World Champions Peru on the last UFWC title match had everybody in Argentina crunching numbers trying to find a way out of this pickle. That’s because, with the point the “Selección” got in this decisive match, Argentina are not only obligated to win their final qualification match against Ecuador, but if Paraguay or Chile wins the fate of the two times World Champion is elimination.


Time for UFWC to step out of the shadows?

The Unofficial Football World Championships may be the self-proclaimed least well-known football competition in the world, but things may be set to change. I’m in little doubt that the current state of the game — the groundswell of feeling coming from the grassier roots of the sport, combined with the inherent inclusiveness of the UFWC — makes for a perfect storm.