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About Peter Waring

Peter Waring is a UFWC (and Tottenham) fan living in Sheffield. He is a civil servant. As well as watching sport, he spends his spare time playing piano and organ for various musical organisations around Sheffield. He is the creator of a site containing match reports on all England internationals.


UFWC Top 10 Goals 2014-2018

Four years ago, Peter Waring compiled a video run-down of the top 50 UFWC goals from 1948 to 2014. Now he presents for your viewing pleasure a net-busting update, compiling the top ten goals scored in the UFWC between 2014 and 2018, in chronological order, plus a couple of bonus goalkeeping howlers. Which is your favourite? And you can also check out the original three-part top 50 goals compilation.


UFWC Own Goals and Oddities Part 2

Rounding off UFWC Goals Week, our feast of football footage from the Unofficial Football World Championships, here’s Part 2 of our selection of UFWC own goals and oddities, featuring refereeing calamities, various strange goals, and perhaps the worst penalty of all time.


UFWC Own Goals and Oddities Part 1

For all the brilliant world-class strikes that the UFWC has produced, it can’t be denied that there have also been plenty of goals that have been much less glorious, though every bit as entertaining for those who enjoy a touch of schadenfreude. As part of UFWC Goals Week, here’s Part 1 of our selection of UFWC own goals and oddities.