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I am just an ordinary UFWC fan, loving the concept and following each of the matches since 2016.


Wales: a UFWC history

It has been 32 years since Wales were crowned Unofficial Football World Champions last time and tonight (20/06/2021) “Cymru” will have the next chance to conquer the Unofficial World Championship Crown – enough reasons for our guest author Paul Godding to dive into Wales’ exciting UFWC history!


Italy setting new personal UFWC title series record

For the 2nd time after 2007 Lithuania appeared in a UFWC title match, for the 2nd time they lost by 0-2 versus Italy. For Italy winning by 2-0 seems to becoming a common habit as this was the 5th time in a row that La Squadra Azzurra is achieving this result. But this is only part of the story – Italy conquered the UFWC title from the Netherlands 7th September 2020 and successfully defended the crown for 9 matches since then – an new record for the team!


Waiting game – the longest fixture gaps in UFWC history (updated)

As the #COVID19 pandemic has brought international and club football to an (almost) worldwide stop in March 2020 first some national club competitions, then also UEFA Europa League and Champions League restarted and now finally also international matches are planned to be restarted with the 2nd edition of UEFA Nations League, a long and unexpected UFWC match break seems to be coming to an end – since the last UFWC match #964 was played 19th November 2019 and the next match #965 is scheduled for 4th November 2020 this is resulting in a gap of 290 days. But that will by no means be the longest gap in the UFWC’s long lineage.