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The Smallest Countries to Win (and try to win) the UFWC

As yesterday little San Marino and giants Italy met in the latest UFWC contest, our guest author Jonny Blair took some time (and effort!) to reflect on some relatively “smaller” countries who have contested, and even won the UFWC down the years!

Did you know that more countries have been UFWC champions than World Cup winners? And it’s by 40. Officially, 9 geographical countries have won the FIFA World Cup. 49 FIFA recognised countries have won the UFWC.


Waiting game – the longest fixture gaps in UFWC history (updated)

As the #COVID19 pandemic has brought international and club football to an (almost) worldwide stop in March 2020 first some national club competitions, then also UEFA Europa League and Champions League restarted and now finally also international matches are planned to be restarted with the 2nd edition of UEFA Nations League, a long and unexpected UFWC match break seems to be coming to an end – since the last UFWC match #964 was played 19th November 2019 and the next match #965 is scheduled for 4th November 2020 this is resulting in a gap of 290 days. But that will by no means be the longest gap in the UFWC’s long lineage.


Classic UFWC Title Match: Brazil vs France 1998

The greatest night in the history of French football began with confusion and controversy. Brazil’s official team sheet showed that mercurial striker Ronaldo, already the scorer of four goals in the tournament, had been replaced in the line up by Edmundo. Brazil fans and neutrals were united in disappointment, believing they had been robbed of a chance to see perhaps the world’s best player on the world’s biggest stage.