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WUFWC: 2018 was Spain’s breakthrough year

As the Men’s UFWC is still paused until March 2019, the Women’s UFWC (WUFWC) already kickstarted the new year 5 days ago and had the 2nd title match already yesterday! But wait – who is the current title holder? Who is the current challenger? What happened last year? Let’s have a look… When 2018 started with its first WUFWC match on 20th January the odds seemed to be clear: title holders Netherlands faced challengers Spain in a international friendly.


Vive la France: UFWC champions on a winning streak

Even though considered among the best teams in the world, not many expected France to win the World Cup in 2018 and become combined FIFA and UFWC champions. It was only once the other top teams like Argentina, Portugal, and Germany lost that the odds of France went up. Even then, many neutral fans were wanting Croatia to win, because let’s face it, everyone loves it when the underdog wins. However, it was to be France all the way.


Four unlikely UFWC champions from this decade

France are the official world champions of football having won the 2018 World Cup in Russia but, should they have to put the title on the line every time there’s a contest, new unofficial global kings of the beautiful game would be crowned. It’s a unique concept that we keep close watch on here. That got us thinking about some of the most unlikely unofficial football world champions of the 2010s, so let’s take a look at four of them from this decade.