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Netherlands with perfect start into UFWC year 2019

It took the reigning UFWC Champion only 50 seconds to score the first goal in 2019 – Memphis Depay used a moment of surprise to make the belarussian defence look like still sleeping. Even though the Dutch didn’t keep the pressure on a high level, after 21 minutes Wijnaldum converted a assist from Depay with a close range shot, marking the 2:0 lead for Oranje.


England’s Next Attempt at Unofficial Football Glory

Forget the summer’s achievements in Russia, forget 1966 and all that. England are closing in on their next chance at becoming the Unofficial World Champions with a Nations League semi-final against the Netherlands. It’s been over four years since one of these matches presented itself. This autumn, thanks to a remarkable performance in a Nations League group featuring Spain and Croatia, the England team once more qualified for a semi-final.


UFWC at the World Cup: Croatia knock out hosts Russia

The UFWC title reached the quarter finals stage of 2018 World Cup in the hands of Unofficial Football World Champions Croatia, who faced hosts Russia. Croatia took the title from Denmark in a penalty shootout win in the round of 16. It was Croatia’s first ever UFWC victory. Russia are one of the most successful sides in UFWC history, with 41 UFWC title match victories. After just three more matches, the UFWC and FIFA unofficial and official titles will be unified, and one nation will be crowned as the undisputed football world champions. Could Croatia hold on, or would Russia take the title into the semi finals?