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UFWC Top 50 Goals Part 3: 1998-2014

Welcome to Part 3 of our run-down of the top 50 UFWC goals, as part of UFWC Goal Week. Part 3 brings us right up to date, covering 1998 to 2014. Featured are great goals from Dennis Bergkamp, Karel Poborsky, Michael Owen, Giovanni van Bronckhorst and more – another feast of football footage for you to enjoy.


UFWC Top 50 Goals Part 2: 1980-1997

It’s UFWC Goals Week, a five-day feast of football footage, and we’re continuing our run-down of the top 50 UFWC goals with Part 2, covering 1980 to 1997. Included are goals from Zico, Diego Maradona, Gianluca Vialli, Diego Simone, Ryszard Tarasiewicz, Gheorghe Hagi, Faustino Asprilla, Abdulaziz Hassan Bujaloof, Charlie Nicholas and more!


UFWC Top 50 Goals Part 1: 1948-1979

Many of the UFWC goals scored in the past 65 years or so can be viewed online. Watching the goals provides further proof of the brilliance of the UFWC – the competition has provided more than its fair share of special goals. I have chosen my favourite 50 goals from those I have seen, in chronological order, with my top ten highlighted along the way. Some of these goals are famous; however, many are not, and they are a treat for all UFWC fans. The numbers in brackets after the description correspond to the approximate time in the video that the goal appears – in each case start a few seconds earlier to enjoy the goal in all its glory.