UFWC Match #963
Northern Ireland 0-0 Netherlands
16th November 2019
Windsor Park, Belfast

Just 37 days ago in UFWC match #961 the green and white army tried to win the Unofficial World Crown in Rotterdam to end 86 years waiting to winning this title again. Windsor Park in Belfast was a perfect stage to continue this mission by the northern irish squad.

As in the meantime the waiting period for Northern Ireland completed a full 86 years after their last time holding the unofficial title in 1933 and failing so close just 5 weeks ago, there was no doubt that another attempt on home soil will be made from the brave “GAWA”.

And what a start in the game that was – already after 3 minutes dutch keeper Jasper Cillessen came under pressure from Evans and not much was missed that Northern Ireland would mark the first goal. That was close! And just the next scene claimed a nice header from the right by Magennis flying over the dutch goal. Oranje in alarm mode now and answering with another close chance hitting the goalbar after just 9 minutes!

What a promising start into the match which highlighted after 30 minutes with a penalty awarded to the northern irish team after handball by Veltman!

Would this be THE huge chance taking the lead again for the home team, almost like in the latest UFWC duel with the Netherlands? Davis under big pressure – and …

So no goals at halftime after this dramatic miss … absolute rollercoaster first half in Belfast! Seems like all energy was invested by both teams in the first 45 minutes so the 2nd half did not offer many highlights and Netherlands keeping the UFWC title with a goalless draw also ensuring qualification for EURO2020.

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