UFWC Rules

The UFWC is played for fun, but there are three simple rules used to determine who gets to be Unofficial Football World Champions:

1. A UFWC title match is any international ‘A’ match involving the current UFWC title-holder.

According to FIFA, ‘an international ‘A’ match shall be a match that has been arranged between two national A associations affiliated to the Federation and for which both Associations field their first national representative team.’ This includes most friendly matches.

2. The winner of any such UFWC title match is declared the current UFWC title holder.

Extra time and penalty shoot-outs used to decide the outcome of individual matches do count. For two-legged ties, individual match results count, not aggregate results. Extra time and penalty shoot-outs used to decide the result of two-legged ties do not count.

3. Teams are awarded one ranking point for winning a UFWC title match, either as holder or challenger. No points are awarded for drawing a title match.

If two or more teams have equal ranking points they share that rank, and are listed alphabetically in the ranking table. Where teams have historically played under different names, and are recognised as doing so by FIFA, ranking points are combined.