Mascot JapanSOUTH KOREA 0-0 JAPAN, Seoul, 12/10/10

In a match that is remarkable for its lack of remarkability, Japan came out of their first ever title defence with a 0-0 draw, thus retaining the title.

In the Battle of the 2002 World Cup Co-Hosts, the result has a similar feel to that competition as both sides share the spoils in what was an uneventful match, with only one yellow card. However, unlike that World Cup when South Korea reached the semi-finals, it is Japan that are grabbing the headlines (with us at least), because after waiting so long to win the UFWC title after failing so many times, they extended their reign by avoiding defeat (something the former holders Argentina could not do).

Unless any more friendlies are scheduled in the meantime, this will be the last UFWC match of 2010, as Japan’s next scheduled match is an Asian Cup match against Jordan in Qatar on January 9th next year.

So, the Land of the Rising Sun are certainly rising our expectations of them, as they continue to hold the most-coveted (unofficial) position in international football, and we all look forward to their next encounter.

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  1. Faiyez

    I just wanted to point out that the match against Jordan is not at home. All matches of the AFC Asian Cup will be hosted by Qatar.

    Ganbare Nippon.

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