North Korea 1-1 Kuwait
17/02/12, Changsha, China
Scorers: TBC (North Korea), Al Rashidi (Kuwait)

North Korea played out a 1-1 draw with Kuwait to retain the Unofficial Football World Championships title. The North Koreans had led for much of the game, but Kuwait grabbed a late equaliser, despite being reduced to ten men.

North Korea went into the match as UFWC champions having ended the long run of Japan with a 1-0 win back in November. This was the North Koreans’ first attempt at retaining the title. It was Kuwait’s first ever UFWC title match.

Although North Korea went into the match as champions, Kuwait went in as favourites. The North Koreans had only beaten Kuwait once previously in the last 20 years, and that was on penalties. The last meeting between the two sides, in August 2011, finished as a goalless draw. Kuwait had won the previous match, in December 2010, 2-1. Kuwait are ranked slightly higher than North Korea by FIFA – 91st compared to 106th.

The unusual venue, Changsha in China, was the location of Kuwait’s training camp ahead of a crucial World Cup qualifier against South Korea at the end of the month. This was a warm up ‘friendly’.

Despite being underdogs, North Korea struck first in this match, netting within the first 20 minutes. Kuwait were a goal down, and things immediately got worse for them with Fahad Al Ansari being sent off.

The North Koreans led 1-0 at half-time, but the ten-man Kuwaitis managed to prevent them extending their lead. With just five minutes left to play, Kuwait grabbed a late equaliser through Fahad Al Rashidi, the Al Arabi midfielder. The match ended 1-1.

So North Korea retain the UFWC title. The next title match sees the champions travel to Tajikistan for a dead rubber World Cup Qualifier on 29 February. Neither North Korea or Tajikistan can qualify for the 2014 World Cup tournament, so the UFWC title will be the only honour at stake. Tajikistan will be hoping the match goes a little better than their last two UFWC title matches, which they lost to Japan 8-0 and 4-0. It’s probably fair to say that North Korea will be favourites to win.

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About Paul Brown

Paul is a freelance journalist and author. He created the UFWC in 2003, and subsequently wrote the Unofficial Football World Champions book. He can be found on Twitter @paulbrownUK.

3 thoughts on “North Korea 1-1 Kuwait

  1. joe

    Well, I cannot tell a lie. I am disappointed by North Korea’s retaining of the title. As a Westerner I don’t agree with their politics and blahblahblah yadayadayada. The skin and bones of it is that North Koreans have no way of knowing what the UFWC is, nevermind being able to follow it or know that their national team are the current champions.

    All my disdain for North Korea aside, I cannot be happier with what their successful defense sets up. Now, regardless of the outcome of the next match, the UFWC will be competed for at the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup in March. The AFC Challenge Cup is essentially a tournament for Asia’s competitively-challenged. This not only means that we will be seeing 4-6 matches over the next month but a lot of these matches will involve first-time UFWC competitors. As much as I’d prefer the UFWC to head back into more competitive country’s hands I am definitely pleased by the UFWC spotlighting this intriguing tournament. One that I would otherwise ignore. I am now fully invested in and excited for the AFC Challenge Cup. A final positive note on this whole thing is that since the next 4-6 matches are part of tournaments we likely won’t see anymore TBC’s as goalscorers.

  2. Rune

    I’m excited for that tournament as well. North Korea could possibly slide through that tournament unbeaten, so it will be interesting to see where the title goes after the Challenge Cup is over. I was hoping Kuwait would take the title, then lose it to South Korea, but as that didn’t happen we’ll just have to make the best of it. It’s still the most fun football has to offer.

  3. jablu

    North Korea against European opposition right now! Whether it be Spain or San Marino I don’t care. Just the UFWC back to Europe.

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