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The Smallest Countries to Win (and try to win) the UFWC

As yesterday little San Marino and giants Italy met in the latest UFWC contest, our guest author Jonny Blair took some time (and effort!) to reflect on some relatively “smaller” countries who have contested, and even won the UFWC down the years!

Did you know that more countries have been UFWC champions than World Cup winners? And it’s by 40. Officially, 9 geographical countries have won the FIFA World Cup. 49 FIFA recognised countries have won the UFWC.


North Korea 5-0 Guam

North Korea 5-0 Guam 3 December 2012 EAFF East Asian Cup Semi Final Competition Mong Kok Stadium, Hong Kong Scorers: An Il-Bom, Pak Nam-Chol, Jong Il-Gwan, Ri Myong-Jun (2) A second successive five-goal victory for North Korea saw the Chollima comfortably retain the UFWC title. The reigning Unofficial Football World Champions dominated the match, and […]


UFWC spin-offs update: part 2

Following yesterday’s first part, Peter Waring continues his round-up of UFWC spin-off competitions, today covering women’s national teams: Women’s world championship. The United States were on a long run as champions before a sensational defeat to Mexico in November 2010. Canada then took up the reins, before the United States reclaimed the title in January. […]