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UFWC spin-offs update 2013

Ahead of the North Korea vs Sweden UFWC title match, we’re taking one of our regular looks at the main UFWC “spin-offs” – the unofficial continental titles, the wooden spoons, and the women’s titles – as tracked over at the UFWC forum. Europe Disappointingly, the unofficial European title didn’t find its way to Euro 2012 […]


North Korea face Sweden in King’s Cup challenge

The draw for Thailand’s 2013 King’s Cup competition has been made, and we now know that Unofficial Football World Champions North Korea will play Sweden on 23 January. Excitingly, FIFA has today confirmed that this WILL be classed as a FIFA ‘A’ match, and therefore WILL be a UFWC title match. There had been a […]


North Korea eye UFWC record books

North Korea have now been Unofficial Football World Champions since November 2011, and it’s starting to look like they could hold the title for a long time to come. There’s currently no sign of them organising friendlies against any of the footballing powerhouses, and therefore it’s possible that their title may not come under real […]